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Your dog is a wonderful companion. Best friend even.
Full of energy, boundless fun.
That was until he got a little stiffer and slower with the passing years.
Now he can't
  • run or even walk quite like he used to
  • get up and down stairs as easily as before
  • jump onto the sofa to snuggle next to you
Maybe you’ve noticed he’s even
  • starting to look stiff and sore after exercise
  • ​struggling to get up from his bed at times
  • ​just starting to find life harder  
He’s still a puppy at heart, but face it…
just like you, your best friend is getting older…
His mind is alert, but his body just can’t do things like it used to!
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Old Age May Be A Fact Of Life
But It's NOT a disease…

Your BOND with your dog is PRECIOUS.
Every moment you spend together MATTERS to you both…
And you want to do all you can to keep them in your world with you for longer..

How Can I Help My Dog As He Gets Older?

All dogs want to be close to us, held, petted, and feel loved.
It makes them feel happy and secure.
But what if you could give them more…

Introducing The 5-Minute-A-Day Fix
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I’m Tim Norris.

The English guy who’s become the new best friend to so many older dogs and their owners.
I have a calling…
As a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner and Registered Acupuncturist, I’m not just committed to making the canine world a better place, I’m doing something truly remarkable to change it.

I dedicated my life to treating dog health
better than many humans treat their own.

That’s because ...

I believe that all dogs have the right to live the longest, most comfortable life possible…

Just because your dog is little older than he was, that’s no reason that his inner puppy can’t be in unleashed again!
Old age, stiffness and even pain shouldn't become the new ‘normal’ for his life.

To make this reality possible to dog owners everywhere, I’ve just released my tried and tested program for giving all older dogs their quality of life back.

The 5-Minute-A-Day-Fix is the exact same protocol I have used for over 15 years
with thousands of my canine clients and their owners.

While no one can cure old age, my 5-Minute-A-Day-Fix can turn the clock back and help your dog
  • live longer
  • ​enjoy a better quality of life
  • be able to do the things he loved to do in days gone by
And all in a completely natural, non-pharmaceutical way.

Devoted dog owners just like you are using Tim’s 5-Minute-A-Day-Fix to make life changing differences to the quality of their dogs’ lives.

But don’t just take my word for it…
look at what the experts have to say:

"I have been referring patients to Tim for a couple of years now and he has also treated my own dog. Tim is incredibly passionate about his work and I have seen some significant results and improvements in my patients that see him. I often refer patients to him for his professional opinion and we work in conjunction to improve patient care and pain management. He is great at adapting his treatments based on the pet's behaviour and requirements. I can't recommend him enough."

Dr Prue Honson - Veterinarian

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"I found the 4 step plan enlightening, informative and empowering.  I feel so much more on top about what I can do and how I help Claude. I know things now I didn't know before. He's bouncing again now and that's a really positive thing. I would recommend Tim's training in a heartbeat."

~ Nadyat & Claude
"This is our treasured Labradoodle, Jake. 
The 4 step plan was full of interesting information to build your confidence when planning your own Senior Dog Care Program and I find Tim’s online training excellent. 
It’s easy to follow with practical suggestions and clear instructions. "

~ Lyn & Jake

Do you know the 3 little known ways your dog might start to suffer as he gets older? Things that will rob him of his quality of life AND precious time with you?

I do!

Imagine how you will feel seeing your dog moving better and enjoying life again…

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Here’s the 4 big lessons you will learn with the 5-Minute-A-Day-Fix:
  • Effective Massage techniques your dog wil love
  • ​Acupressure points for his sore joints
  • Where to use Heat Packs to relieve pain
  • ​Life-changing Dietary Tips to boost health and reduce inflammation
The real cost of your pet’s health and quality of life
isn’t measured in dollars and cents…

It’s the cost you never hear about…

It’s measured in

  • Your dog’s pain and misery
  • The loss of quality of their life and
  • Even the length of their lives… how long they have left with you

Be the hero your dog needs…
He has no one else.

Your dog needs you to
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And then look into those eyes again
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