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Your Dog And Arthritis Academy

This is the ultimate online resource for your dog with Arthritis.

We will share with you all of the strategies and techniques we have been using and teaching to caring committed dog owners for over 15 years to help relieve the painful symptoms of Arthritis.

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ONE TIME OFFER - Only US$125: YES, ADD THE DOG ARTHRITIS HOME CARE PACKAGE. It's a unique combination of two effective tools to help your dog manage the symptoms of Arthritis and help relieve inflammation, soreness and tight muscles. The Dog Arthritis Home Care Package includes a spring loaded Acupressure device to help you safely and effectively stimulate acupuncture points on your dog, using consistent pressure without puncturing the skin. Plus you'll get the Gua Sha Massage Tool. Gua Sha translates directly from Chinese meaning “to scrape away fever”. By using the Gua Sha tool over areas of injury and soreness, you can promote an increase in blood flow and reduction in muscle tension to help reduce the pain and improve comfort levels. You will also get a downloadable Instruction Guide on 6 effective Acupuncture points you can use to help manage the symptoms of Arthritis ... and an Instructional Video on how to use the Gua Sha Massage Tool. ... for only US$125!

The 'Your Dog And Arthritis Academy' is an 8 week course.

It's delivered to you in 8 different proven and highly effective modules.

With the modules being released on a weekly basis over the 8 weeks, to help make it easier for you to follow.

So you can help your dog relieve pain, move better and have the longest, healthiest, most pain-free life possible.

It comes with our high level of PERSONALISED SUPPORT to keep you on track and to get the most out of the Academy.

You will learn how to …
  • Massage your dog, to help relieve pain and soreness so they can move and feel better. Valued at $500.
  • Effectively use Acupressure, Heat Packs and Joint Mobility exercises to relieve pain. Valued at $1000.
  • Integrate Strength and Conditioning exercises into your dog’s daily routine. Valued at $350. 
  • Use a simple to follow Stretching routine to help release tight sore muscles. Valued at $350.
  • Follow a series of Calm Dog techniques to help your dog relax and release tension and anxiety. Valued at $200.
  • Optimise your dog’s Diet to relieve their Arthritic symptoms. Valued at $500.
  • Plus the special bonus 'Putting it all together' module, with 4 proven flowing sequences based on over 15 years experience. Valued at $400.
  • Plus all of the support options, where I will help you Create an Arthritis Care Plan specifically personalised for your dog and help extend their life so you can be together for longer. Value ... Priceless
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