Want To Help Your Older Dog Life The Longest, Happiest, Pain-Free Life Possible?
And Watch Them Rediscover Their Inner Puppy!
Is your best four legged friend causing you to lose sleep???
Ok, maybe not literally ... but
Here's how a worried and committed dog lover found the solution to those feelings that can keep you awake at night ...

As Featured In ...

Meet Kia and her devoted owner Tim

In Tim's own words ...

“Kia had always been full of life and endless energy and loved nothing more than to run on the beach.

Our trips to the beach seemed to take years off her aging body as she headed into her senior years.

It was truly some of the most special moments we had together, watching her run, play and swim just like she did in her younger years".

"Kia was my best mate and loyal friend to the whole family, especially me.
I just knew she was starting to struggle and it was heartbreaking to watch" …

"My beautiful girl was starting to slow down, things were getting harder for her.

She didn’t want to walk as far or as often.

The running and play was now more of a sniff and stroll.

She would often be restless and slower to get up from her bed in the morning.

I could hear her whimper at times when she lied down on her bed at night.

She couldn’t get in and out of the car anymore without me helping her.

She was hesitating to get up on the couch with me and stairs we’re becoming harder for her.

She was losing the lust for life she had always had … and I was losing sleep wondering what else could I do to ease her pain and keep her in my world for longer".

Tim was devastated, he didn't know what else to do?
Turns out that Kia had Arthritis

 Kia Didn't Know She Had Arthritis ...
She Just Knew It Hurt ...

Tim Finds The Solution ...

“I tried my local vet - but that didn’t help much.

I knew there had to be a better answer than just relying only on anti-inflammatories and painkillers.”

So, Tim went back to what he knew best.

Drawing from over 15 years’ experience of helping people move and feel better.

Tim was a sports and corrective exercise specialist and spent his career working with and caring for people with muscle injuries and joint pain.

But because of his love for Kia, that was all about to change.

He found the simple natural solutions that could help any senior dog owner reduce the crippling pain of their dog’s arthritis …

Not only that …

but also help them move and feel better, stay stronger for longer …

and give them the best quality of life possible in their senior years, so they can have more precious time with their families.

Who wouldn’t want that for their dog too?

So Tim Followed His Heart And His Passion. He's no longer a Sports and Corrective Exercise Therapist, now he only helps loving, devoted owners help their dogs have the longest, pain-free lives possible.

15 years later, Tim is a man on a mission.

His driving force is to help as many older dogs as possible.

But he’s only one man.

And he can’t get to every dog that needs his magic touch.

So, Tim created a course

The 5-Minute-A-Day Fix For Older Dogs And Dogs With Arthritis

Now, hundreds of owners worldwide are following Tim’s lead and helping their best four legged friends themselves.

But That Wasn't Enough ... People Wanted More.

So, Tim devised the PRO version of ‘The Fix’

A series of videos and trainings that dive deep into helping older dogs and dogs with Arthritis.

Videos that ANY loving dog owner can watch, implement and transform the quality of their senior dog’s life.

But That Still Wasn't Enough ... People Still Wanted More.

To answer the call, Tim has now put all of his teaching and so much more into a private members group.

He did it for your best four-legged friend.

And he did it for you.

Literally, transforming lives at Both Ends Of The Lead.

  • Kia rediscovered her 'inner puppy'
  • She ran
  • She swam
  • She loved her walks again
  • But most of all Kia was my inspiration to help thousands of older dogs and dogs with Arthritis, live the longest, happiest, pain-free lives possible.
  • ​Dogs just like yours ...

Using the 5 Minute-A-Day Fix regularly can be life-changing for your older dog and give you more precious weeks, months, even years together ...

... which is priceless for you and your dog. 

Would You Like The 5 Minute-A-Day Fix For Free?

Then join me in the 'Your Dog And Arthritis Inner Circle' and check out all the benefits available to members.

You’ll be very glad you did.

I promise you.

Plus ... you'll get the '5 Minute-A-Day Fix for Free once you join.

"I have been referring patients to Tim for a couple of years now and he has also treated my own dog. 
Tim is incredibly passionate about his work and I have seen significant results and improvements in my patients that see him. 
I often refer patients to him for his professional opinion and we work in conjunction to improve patient care and pain management. 
He is great at adapting his treatments based on the pet's behaviour and requirements. 
I can't recommend him enough."
Your older dog's new lease of life starts here ...
Why are you waiting?

After a lifetime of love and loyalty ...

Be the hero your dog needs and make their golden years happy, healthy and full of fun…
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